West Fargo Exchange Club

Through the fundraising effort of the Club's Annual Fun Night and by the volunteer work of our members, we are pleased to be able to support a variety of local organizations and programs. The West Fargo Exchange Club supports entities whose missions are congruent with our core values in the local area. Listed below are some of the recipients of our support in recent years.

If your organization is interested in applying for support, please submit the support request form available by selecting the link below.
Some of the organizations we have supported...
Meals on Wheels
Pants for Kids
Circle of Lights
Commodities for Seniors
Junior Achievement
New Neighbor Program
Post Graduation Party
High School Mentoring
Snacks for Kids
Veterans Warrior Foundation
Post Prom Party
West Fargo Baseball
Sheyenne HS Dance Team
Habitat for Humanity
Sheyenne HS Boosters
Junior ROTC
Salvation Army Bell Ringing
Twist of Fate
Backpacks for Kids
HERO Program
Fraser Hall
Children's Advocacy Center
Senior Citizen Fun Night
Hospice of the RRV
Haley's Milk Run
American Red Cross
Summer Reading Program
Boy Scout Troop 246
Packatahnas Dance Team
Red River Zoo
Youth Summit
RealCare Baby
Winter Gear for Kids
Rape & Abuse Crisis Center
West Fargo Soccer
Boy Scout Troop 279
Caring Program for Children
Riding on Angel's Wings
Sponsorship Request Form